Prices shown are for framed and matted prints, as they appear in the exhibit. Most images are also available as prints (unmatted and unframed) or as matted prints (unframed). Contact the artist directly by clicking on the name to the left of the print title you are interested in.

Artist Title Price Artist Title Price
Pam Afternoon Light $100 Pam Mirrored Lighthouse $100
Pam Beyond the Grips $100 Delores Moonrise at Race Point $100
Tom Brockton Fair 2008 $75 Delores Nobska #2 $100
Tom Bumble Bee and Cone Flower $75 Delores Orchids $100
Pam Cactus $100 Pam Palm of Honduras #1 $100
Delores Carousel Horse $75 Pam Palm of Honduras #2 $100
Pam Colorful Rail Blossom $100 Pam Peace Lily $100
Delores Crystal Glow $100 Tom Pink Water Lily $75
Delores Dragonfly on Lotus Bud $100 Tom Pretty in Pink $75
Delores End of the Day $90 Tom Ready to Sail $75
Delores Every Which Way $75 Delores Red Leaves on Rock $100
Tom First Day Lily $75 Tom Red Sky in Morning #1 $95
Delores Fizzy Flowers $90 Tom Red Sky in Morning #2 $75
Pam Flower Trail $100 Delores Safe! NFS
Delores Foxglove $90 Tom Silky Water $95
Tom Frequent Flyer #3 $95 Tom Solitude $95
Pam Ghost of the Lighthouse Rails $100 Tom Spring Tulips $75
Tom Jenney Grist Mill $95 Delores Swan at Field Park $90
Pam Leaves $100 Tom Swift Long-Winged Skimmer $75
Tom Light Explosion $95 Delores Textured Peony $100
Delores Lighthouse at Sleepy Hollow $90 Delores Tipsy $100
Pam Lighthouse Mandala $80 Tom Water Stop $75
Tom Looking for Breakfast $75 Delores Yellow Lotus $100
Tom Make Way! $75