Of Land and Sea

Prices shown are for framed and matted prints, as they appear in the exhibit. Most images are also available as prints (unmatted and unframed) or as matted prints (unframed). Contact the artist directly by clicking on the name to the left of the print title you are interested in.

Artist Title Price Artist Title Price
Pam Pink Flower Montage $150 Delores Lotus Flower $100
Tom Shady Vantage $75 Pam Purple Sea Fan with Coral $100
Delores Leaves of Odd Colors $100 Delores Cape Cod Light $90
Pam Nubble at Sunset $100 Delores Race Point Sunset $90
Tom Blue Bearded Iris $75 Delores Annisquam Sunset $90
Delores Lynx $75 Pam Blue Vase Sponge $100
Pam Yellow Tube Sponge $100 Pam Green-Tipped Anemone $100
Tom Foggy Morning $75 Tom Oranges of Autumn $75
Delores Tropical Rest $75 Tom American Bullfrog $75
Pam Green Moray Eel $100 Pam Blue & Yellow Coral Close-Up $100
Tom Mating Time $75 Delores Hibiscus Hibiscus $100
Pam Colorful Curacao $150 Tom Sunlight at Last $75
Delores Clay Pots & Pink Flowers $100 Pam French Angelfish #1 $100
Delores Pink Water Lily $100 Delores Beach Flags $75
Tom Sunset Reflections $110 Tom Tall Pines at Sunset $110
Tom Cape Cod Garden $75 Pam Feather Duster Worms $100
Pam Small Orange Tube Sponges on Blue Coral $100 Delores Dead Eyes $75
Tom Daffodils $75 Tom Rose & Morning Dew $75
Delores Annisquam Light $110 Tom Green Darner $75
Pam Orange Phase Filefish $100